National Road No.6, Siem Reap Angkor, Kingdom of Cambodia

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Monoreach in Khmer, from which the hotel's name was derived, means the mind of the country ruler, the King, and his compassion to his land and people. This has been the legendary expression of the famous King Jayavarman VII who has brought prominence the grandeur of the Khmer Empire during his time, hence, at Monoreach Angkor Hotel, we think and treat

our guests with much care, comfort and hospitality MONOREACH ANGKOR HOTEL is a sanctuary for guests who expect excellent traditional Khmer hospitality and friendly service. Whether business or leisure, Monoreach is your luxurious home away from home. Elegantly furnished to provide a comfortable stay when you return from the magnificent temples of Angkor , our professional & friendly staff will ensure that your stay is luxurious, comfortable and relaxing.

It has 110 spacious and well-furnished rooms complete with facilities and amenities of international standard. It is so conveniently located on National Road No. 6, just 8 minutes drive from Siem Reap International Airport and about 10 minutes to the world famous Angkor Wat Temples.

Monoreach Angkor Hotel is not just provided you a suitable room rate but we also provide many services to accommodate you during your trip to Cambodia to make our guests feel like home away from home.

Feeding time also brings long tailed macaques to the region. Explore Angkor Wat - you'll find numerous temples at Angkor, but some of the primary certainly one of course, is Angkor Wat itself, considered as the masterpiece of Khmer structure, the walled city of Angkor Thom, The Baphoun, an 11th century temple with a 131 foot reclining Buddha, the Bayon, famous for its superb bas reliefs and mystical faces and Ta Prohm, however cloaked in jungle Volunteer in Borneo - Immerse yourself in the culture and live and work with the local communities and wildlife of Malaysia. Cycle in Vietnam - 30, 000,000 Vietnamese cannot be wrong - handle bar peak provides you the best view of Vietnam. Cycling through this stunning nation offers possibilities to meet the local people and encounter the local culture in a manner that would not be possible otherwise.